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Aluminum composite metal panel features and advantages


Alusign is a leading aluminum composite metal panel manufacturer in China,supplier all kinds of aluminum composite material, such as high gloss, fireproof,brushed, mirror acm panel.Here we introduce the features and advantages of aluminum composite metal panels

1.Aluminum composite metal panel is light in weight

The aluminum composite panel is made of aluminum and a relatively small density plastic core material. Therefore, compared with aluminum (or other metals) having the same rigidity or the same thickness, the weight is much lighter.

2. Aluminum composite metal wall panel with good rigidity

The aluminum composite panel cleverly utilizes the mechanics of the I-beam structure and subtly imparts its unique mechanical properties. Aluminum composite panel is composited under high temperature conditions. During the whole processing, the two aluminum sheets are in a certain tension state. After the molding is cooled.

Due to the difference in shrinkage between the vertically symmetrical aluminum plate and the core material, the plate is formed to have good rigidity. Compared with the single-layer aluminum metal panel, it has a large elastic limit and is not easily deformed, and can maintain good flatness performance for a long time in a natural state without much external force.

3. Aluminum composite panel is rich in color and decorative

The surface layer of the aluminum composite panel can be made into a variety of colors. In addition, it also provides patterns with precise texture and high quality by simulating patterns such as granite, wood grain and metal by photocopying technology.

The rich color and pattern design meets the coordination of adapting to different environmental requirements, adapting different architectural styles to the environment, the color chosen is harmonious with the environment, achieving perfect unity in overall artistic effect, giving people a bright and beautiful Visual enjoyment.

High Gloss Aluminum Composite Panel color chat

aluminum composite panel color


The curtain wall decorated with aluminum plastic panels is not inferior to the beautiful glass curtain wall and the elegant stone curtain wall. Under the sun, its layers are both beautiful and dignified, while avoiding light pollution.

4. Composite metal cladding with high surface flatness

The aluminum composite panel is produced by a continuous thermal composite production process, so that the surface flatness is higher than that of the single-material metal sheet, especially the large-sized sheet material is more obvious. It is used for building decoration and has a flat and uniform appearance.

5.Good durability of metal composite panel cladding

Aluminum composite panel adopts the thermal composite technology of metal and core material, and the bonding is firm. The surface coating is made of different materials according to different environments. Generally, three types of coatings are used, namely fluorocarbon coating, polyester coating and acrylic coating, among which fluorine Carbon coatings have superior weatherability and are used in curtain wall decoration and in specific applications. Experimental studies have shown that they can be used in harsh outdoor environments for more than 20 years.

6. Good processability of aluminum composite panel

Aluminum Composite Panel Folding Form

Good processability of aluminum composite panel

The aluminum composite panel is made of aluminum and plastic. It is easy to cut, punch, grooving, bending, etc. It can be processed by aluminum or wood-specific processing equipment. Therefore, not only can it be processed in the production plant, the proposed composite metal panel can be processed on site.


7. Excellent fire resistane of metal composite panel

fireproof acp material

fireproof acp material

In the aluminum composite panel series, the fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panel adopts the newly developed core material, which is filled with flame-retardant inorganic filler, so the fire performance has improved, and it can reach the B1 standard and can meet the building regulations requirements.

8. Good cost characteristics of ACM composite panel

The production of aluminum composite panels adopts pre-coating, continuous coating and continuous thermal compounding process of metal and core materials. Compared with general metal veneers, the production efficiency is high and the raw material cost is low, which is a material with good cost characteristics.

9. Aluminum composite has better environmental coordination

Aluminum and plastic core materials in the discarded aluminum composite panel can be 100% recycled and have low environmental load. In addition, the aluminum-plastic panel is made of fluorocarbon coating, which has high durability and low daily maintenance cost, which reduces the entire life cycle cost.

10. Aluminum composite panel is widely used

Aluminum composite panel is cost-effective and has a wide range of uses. It can be used for the decoration of curtain walls, interior and exterior walls, foyers, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, etc. It can also be used for the reconstruction of old buildings, used as the counter, furniture, and vehicles. Inner and outer walls, etc.

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