Aluminum composite sheet color matching tips


Aluminum composite panel

Aluminium composite panels have a wide variety of colors


Aluminum composite sheet is usually used in the decoration of bulidings. They are popular decorative materials.

There are many types of colors, so we will have more choices, different decoration styles require different color combinations, but there are Many people don’t know the colors of aluminum composite sheet, so let’s introduce them to you how many colors of aluminum composite panels and what’s the advantages of using aluminum composite panels.

What factors affect the color of aluminum composite panels?


Mirror ACP Panel Specification

The color of the aluminum composite panel depends on the coating on the surface

First of all, we need to know what the aluminum composite panel is. The definition of aluminum composite panel refers to the three-layer composite panel made of plastic core and the two sides aluminum composite sheet. And there is a decorative and protective coating on the surface. The color of the aluminum composite panel depends on the coating on the surface, and the color of the different surface decoration effects is different.

How many kind colors of aluminum composite panel?

Color chart of aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum composite panels are available in many colors


  • The coated finish aluminum composite panel is decorated with metallic, pearlescent and high glossy. This kind aluminum composite sheet is also a type we often see.
  • The film finish decoration aluminum composite sheet, the color of the effect is texture type: marble , wood grain and so on.
  • There are other special series of colors: brushed color is divided into silver brushed and gold brushed, high gloss aluminum composite panel is often used in white and black; mirror aluminum composite panel is divided into silver mirror and gold mirror.


Aluminum composite panel decoration project

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Alusign aluminum composite panel supplier

Aluminum Composite Panel

customized aluminum composite panel color


These are relatively common, basic color, and each aluminum composite sheet suppliers may have some popular colors. In addition, the color of the aluminum composite panel can also be customized according to the customers’ requirements.

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