Aluminum Composite Panel Factory Delivery Time before the Chinese New Year-Alusign


With the arrival of the new year in 2022, the employees in the Alusign-aluminum composite panel factory are about to have a holiday. Today we will discuss the delivery time of Alusign-aluminum composite panel factory before the Chinese New Year.

Happy New Year -Alusign Aluminum Composite Panel

From today until the 1.15th of 2022, the aluminum composite panel factory can deliver the order before the year, and the order after the 1.15th will have to wait until after the Chinese New Year.


For orders placed during the Spring Festival holiday, Alusign-aluminum composite panel factory will produce in sequence after the holiday according to the order time.


Dear customers, do you have needs for Alusign-aluminum composite panels? If you want to receive the aluminum composite panel before the Chinese New Year, please place an order as soon as possible !!!


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