Which kind of aluminum sign board material widely be used in market?




Aluminum composite panel is a new type of building decoration material. It has the advantages of light weight, good rigidity, waterproof and weather resistance, rich and colorful colors, convenient construction, etc. It is widely used in exterior walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and advertising signage.

High Gloss acp material

High Gloss Aluminum Composite Panel is the most popular one for sign board

In order to meet the current market requirements for new building materials, Alusign aluminum composite panels have developed high gloss type. On the occasion of the emergence of many new building materials, we have made a bold attempt to improve the gloss of the products based on the appearance of glass and lacquered glass, which can be compared with the lacquered glass.

Performance characteristics for aluminum sign board material:

  • High gloss, original matte gloss is about 20 degrees, and the gloss of high gloss series can reach 80~90 degrees.
  • The color is more vivid and bright. The high-gloss series products use FEVE fluorocarbon raw materials to make the color more vivid and lifelike than the traditional matte products.
  • With excellent weather resistance, excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, the company’s high-gloss fluorocarbon series products can provide 8~15 years of quality assurance under normal outdoor environment.
  • Good performance, easy processing, small quality, good flatness and rich colors.
  • Fields of use: exterior wall decoration, outdoor signage, store signs, billboards, etc.

Pay attention when installing aluminum sign board material composite panel

As a new type of decorative material, many people use it as the first choice for outdoor signage decoration. But what are the precautions when installing aluminum sign composite panel? Just analyze it for you below.

1. The coating direction will cause slight chromatic aberration
When installing aluminum sign board material composite panel of metallic, flash, and stone series, be sure to install them in the direction marked on the protective film. Otherwise, the color difference will be caused by the inconsistent mounting direction.
2. Protective performance of protective film
During the installation process, do not remove the protective film to protect the board surface from being scratched or stuck with mud. Under normal climatic conditions, the protective film is peeled off within six months without gel transfer and other damage to the board. Of course, it is best to tear off the protective film in time after the construction.
3. Plasticizer will cause gloss difference
Do not attach PVC tape, polyurethane sealant and modified silica gel to the protective film of aluminum sign board material composite panel, because the plasticizer contained in these materials will penetrate the protective film, causing the gloss of the coating to change.