What is the benefits of wooden aluminum composite panel?


Wooden aluminum composite panel structure is essentially composed of three layers which together along with a covering of highly pressurized wood like paint (PE or PVDF) combine to form a flat panel that represent art as well as the traditional wood look.

The two layers of aluminum sheets are bonded together permanently with an internal core of polyethylene which when covered through the paint makes the surface even more flat and highly resistant.Vary in color, design, size and texture. The natural look of wooden and marble, without the maintenance difficulties and expense.

Wooden aluminum composite panels are in popular decoration material. There are a number of benefits of useing wooden aluminum composite panels. Today I will introduce to you as following:

The benefit of using the ACP is not limited to it offering a modern and seamless look to the exteriors of the building but includes more. Until the introduction of these panels, the building exteriors were mostly painted.

The paint used for the exteriors was meant to be weather resistant and durable. However, it had its limitations. Although it did keep the exteriors nice and shiny for some time, there was nothing to stop it from fading after some time.


Due to their mix of metal and plastic, wooden acp is durable, weather and stain resistant. They offer a solid barrier, allowing consumers to enjoy a reduction in sound from the outside environment. Panels retain their shape and size, despite drastic weather changes, making them ideal for regions with harsh seasons.


Aluminum composite panels are one of the most economical materials available on the market. With low initial cost and long-lasting durability, wooden finish acp offer homeowners cost-savings from the onset.

3.Flexibility in Color

wooden acp sheet

wooden aluminium composite panel color chart


Many construction materials limit the consumer to a few color options. Since aluminum composite panels are available in a variety of colors, buyers no longer have to settle for the closest alternative to that hue they had their heart set on. aluminum composite panels not only has wooden finish, but also replicate the texture natural stone, brushed,mirror finish, and metallics.

4.Easy to maintain

Wooden aluminum composite panel allow for hassle-free maintenance, preserving the structure’s look and feel longer than any other product. To remove dirt and dust, simply wipe with a clean cloth.

5.Safer Alternative

Aluminum Composite Panel Fireproof Rating

Since aluminum doesn’t burn, wooden finish acp offer a fireproof option. When exposed to temperatures of 650 degrees Centigrade or more, the product will melt. It does not, however, emit fumes and gasses that could prove harmful to the home’s inhabitants or the environment.

6.Wide use of application

1) Wall boards & ceilings

2) Kitchens & balconies, shop face decorations

3) Interior and external wall claddings

4) Curtain walls, widely used in exhibition, stores, offices, Banks, hotels, restaurants and apartments

The choice of the right type of aluminium composite panel is essential to get the desired look. Explore the available options in the market or take the help of the professionals. Send inquiry to [email protected]