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aluminum composite panel manufacturers

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As a new type of decorative material, aluminum composite panels (also known as ACP panel or acp panel) have been introduced to China from South Korea and Taiwan since the late 1980s and early 1990s, with their economical and optional color diversity.

The convenient construction method, excellent processing performance, excellent fire resistance and noble quality are quickly favored by people.

In the past few decades, China’s aluminum composite panel industry has developed rapidly. Today, there are many aluminum composite panel manufacturers China, but do you know which brands of aluminum composite panels in China?

Which brand of aluminum composite panels is good? Let’s take a look at the best-selling aluminium composite panel manufacturers with the best reputation.

Top 10 aluminum composite panel manufacturers in China

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1.ALUCOWORLD (China’s well-known trademarks, high-tech enterprises, new standards for aluminum-plastic composite panels for building curtain walls, China’s top ten aluminum composite panel manufacturers, enjoy high reputation in customers and the market.)

2.ALUSIGN (Since 2003, China’s famous trademarks, top ten aluminum composite panel brands, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, are selling well at home and abroad with excellent technology and quality.)

3.ALUMINOBOND (China’s famous trademarks, Jiangsu famous brand products, professional aluminum composite panels / aluminum profile research and development and manufacturing, one of the top ten aluminum composite panel manufacturers in China.)

4.GREENBOND (One of China’s top ten aluminum composite panels manufacturers, the relevant drafting standards for aluminum composite panels, and the recommended products for China’s construction projects.)

5.CCJX (Originated in Taiwan, it has the top technology level in the industry, the top ten aluminum-plastic panel brands, high-quality aluminum-plastic panel production enterprises, and the products have a high reputation.)

6.SEVEN (China’s well-known trademarks, Shandong famous trademarks, high-tech enterprises, has won a number of intellectual property national patents, green building materials, one of the top ten aluminum composite panel manufacturers china.)

7.GOODSENSE(National high-tech enterprises, Guangdong famous brand products, top ten aluminium composite panel manufacturers.)

8.ALUCOBEST(Shanghai famous brand aluminum composite panel, top ten aluminum composite panel manufacturers.)

9.ALUTILE(Jiangxi high-tech enterprises sell well at home and abroad with excellent technology and quality)

10.HUAERTAI(Top ten aluminum composite panel brands, Guangdong famous brand products, aluminum-plastic composite panels manufacturers.)

How to choose good aluminum composite panel manufacturers?


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The quality of the aluminum composite panels on the market is very different, and it is easy to be deceived if you are not careful. The difference between the aluminum composite panels on the market is also very large, from 60-200 yuan per sheet. The following points should be noted when purchasing:

1.Check if the thickness meets the requirements and use a vernier caliper to measure if necessary. A magnet should also be prepared to check whether the selected plate is iron or aluminum.

2.Whether the surface of the aluminum composite panel is smooth, no ripples, no bubbling, no shelter, no scratches.

3.Break the side of the aluminum composite panel, if it is easy to break, it means that it is not a PE material or a fake and shoddy material. Then you can use a lighter that you carry with you to burn it. If it is a real PE material, it should be completely burned. If it is doped with fake and shoddy materials and has impurities after burning.

4.Take two aluminum composite panel samples and rub them together to see if the paint removed. The aluminum composite panel with good surface painting quality adopts the imported hot-pressing spraying process. The paint film has uniform color and strong adhesion, and it is not easy to remove paint after scratching.

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