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Aluminium Composite of ACP Sheet

Only the aluminium composite sheet is truly integrated into one, so that users can use it more comfortably on the external wall.

The aluminium composite sheet production line includes a drying cylinder, a plastic unwinding mechanism, a metal unwinding mechanism, a protective film unwinding mechanism, and an aluminum composite sheet winding mechanism.

External Architecture

The aluminum coil coated with fluorocarbon resin can enter the process of compounding with the plastic core material. The plastic core material is also essentially three layers, with PE plastic in the middle and adhesive on both sides. PE sheets and adhesives can be produced separately or by three-layer co-extrusion.

The three-layer co-extruded sheet with the structure of adhesive/PE/adhesive is first produced, and then combined with the upper and lower aluminum composite sheet. Aluminium composite sheet has 0.15mm thick aluminum plate on both sides, and the core layer is 3~ 5mm, total aluminium composite panel thickness is 4~6mm. Finally these panels can be cut into 1220mm * 2440mm specifications.

1. PE plastic pellets are melted at high temperature and then extruded.

2. Adhere the polymer adhesive film at about 2 to 4 m from the exit.

3. After the length is more than 4 meters, the aluminum plate and PE are composited into the aluminium acp sheet.

Compared with the backward production lines of other small factories, because our aluminum composite sheet are compounded at higher temperatures, the integration of aluminum acp sheet is higher. The peeling degree can reach 10 N/mm or more, and the flatness is also better. While in some small unprofessional factories, the service life of the produced plates will be compromised, and the aluminum composite panel cannot be truly integrated into the one, which will be concerns to users.

Common Quality Problems and Solutions in the Recombination Process

There are two main problems in the quality problems of aluminium composite sheet, one is the coating quality; the other is the composite quality. The coating quality problem occurs in the process of pretreatment and painting on aluminum sheets, and the composite quality problem is mainly technical and management problems in the composite process.

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1.Board surface is bubbling – Composite sheet material surface bubbling is the generation of granular infusible when the core board is extruded.

2. Plate surface is spotted – It is caused by polymer film stiffness and it need to eliminate this quality problem from the procurement of materials.

3. The lotus leaf edge – The formation of the lotus leaf edge is mainly the problem of aluminum coil. The aluminum coil material which is out of shape seriously can only be scrapped.

4. Poor adhesion – There are many factors causing this problem, including equipment, operation and so on.

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