Durability of pvdf aluminium composite panel


The durability of  pvdf aluminium composite panel is mainly determined by the coating performance on the surface of aluminium composite panel. There are many factors that affect the performance of the aluminum-plastic board surface coating. In addition to the variety and quality of the coatings used, it is also related to the coating process of the pvdf aluminium composite panelmanufacturer, and to the thickness of the coating.

Weather-resistant pvdf aluminium composite panel

At present, aluminum-plastic board coating materials include pvdf resin coating, polyester resin coating and acrylic resin coating. Among these coatings, the weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and stain resistance of pvdf coatings are the best.

Our aluminum-plastic board uses high-quality PVDF coating, which has strong weather resistance and UV resistance, and excellent acid and alkali resistance.

70% PVDF content standard

With the same coating, product quality has a great impact on coating performance. For pvdf coatings, the content of pvdf is very important. If the content is low, the coating performance is greatly reduced. In order to make the aluminum-plastic composite panel durable and meet the requirements, the standard stipulates that 70% of PVDF resin should be used for the coating of exterior wall panels.

Alusign PVDF

At the same time, alusign aluminum-plastic board has more than ten years of market application, and has achieved good results in domestic and foreign markets.

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