Installation Methods of ACP Sheets


ACP sheets are used as the external cladding material for buildings as well as the internal surfaces coating and designing. Acp sheet for interior or exterior needs different installation methods. To ensure perfect fitting and application of these sheets on the structure, there are many advanced installation methods that can be adopted. Following are some of them:


Wet Sealant Joint

This is one of the most common methods of installing the ACP sheets. The system has tray type panels and sealing joints. The ACP sheet, under this system, is first fixed on the sub-structure. Then a suitable sealing material is applied to the joints. This ensures water tightness to the panels. The Wet Sealant Joint method of installing the ACP sheets is used in new buildings as well as for renovation projects.

Hanging Method

Another installation method is the hanging method. As the name specifies, the panels under this method are not tightly fastened but simply hung from the sub-frame. This installation method is quite simple and takes much lesser time. The panels get adequate space to expand and contract as per the season.

Dry Gasket Joint

In this method, of installing the ACP sheets, gaskets are used instead of sealants. The surfaces of aluminium composite panels that have sealants in the joints are prone to staining and dirt. However, the said problem is addressed through this method. The gaskets are as durable as the sealants and therefore, can be effectively used for installing the ACP sheets.

Narrow Open Joint

The stone and timber patterned aluminium composite panels are installed using the narrow open joint method. This method is most suitable for such panels because the narrow joints give them an aesthetic look. Depending upon the requirement, EPDM gaskets or sealants may be used in the joints.

  • For the internal ACP work, the following methods are used:
  • For internal wall cladding: The hanging method is used.
  • Interior column cover: The Z-flange system is used.
  • Interior ceiling: The ceiling panels are installed with non-penetrating rivets.

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