How to clean the exterior wall of aluminum composite panel


Most of the buildings are now high-rise buildings, and the exterior walls are mostly decorated with aluminum composite panels. The exterior wall is exposed for a long time, and it is easy to adhere to dust. It needs to be cleaned and wiped frequently to ensure that the building is neat and beautiful and the interior is bright.

The cleaning of the aluminum composite panel on the outer wall of the building requires outdoor and high-altitude operations. It is necessary to use vehicles such as hanging baskets, hanging panels, lifting platforms, etc., which is difficult and difficult to operate. Operators must undergo strict physical examination, strict training, and strictly abide by the operating specifications and safety regulations to ensure the high quality and efficient completion of the overall cleaning of the exterior wall aluminum-plastic panel.

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High-altitude exterior wall aluminum-plastic panel material exterior wall cleaning method:

1. Preparation beforehand

1) According to the wall material and dirtiness of the exterior wall aluminum composite panel, determine the corresponding cleaning agent and tools, and if necessary, do a small cleaning test.

2) Find out the roof condition and determine the water source and power source.

3) Develop an overall operation plan.

Note: Make sure that there is guardianship on the roof and the ground, and make sure the call tool is unobstructed to keep in touch.

2. Install and carry external wall cleaning equipment, tools and special cleaning agents.

3.Connect the high pressure washing machine to the power supply and water source, install the flushing hose, and check the effect of the water gun.

4. The staff wear a work suit, carrying tools, cleaning agents on the hanging basket or hanging plate. Some tools should be placed on a gondola or hanging plate to prevent accidental loss of hands and injury to pedestrians. Set a safety fence on the ground or place a safety warning sign.

5. The working method should be from top to bottom.

6. Cleaning method:

1) Rinse the wall with a water gun from a high pressure cleaner.

2) Check the wall for stains such as sticks and, if any, remove it with a corresponding aid such as a scraper and solvent.

3) Dip the water applicator into the bucket and spread it evenly on the wall surface after fully inhaling the detergent.

4) Depending on the degree of soiling, use a brush, a grinding disc, a scouring pad, a squeegee, etc., and rinse with water.

5) Confirm that the cleaning wall surface within the working range has been cleaned, and the sliding basket or hanging plate continues to work downward.

7. After all the work is completed, clean up the equipment and tools, evacuate the ground protection rope or warning sign, and wipe the ground water.

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