Aluminum Composite Panel Decoration Effect


Aluminum Composite Panel Decorative effect

Different brands of aluminum composite panels have their own unique colors. Alusign aluminum composite panels have more than 30 conventional colors, such as: champagne silver, milk white, ivory white, Chinese red, etc. The most common ones are metallic, pearlescent and plain and so on.

According to the surface decoration effect, Alusign aluminum composite panels can be roughly divided into six categories:

1. Painting aluminum composite panel

Fluorocarbon, polyester, and acrylic coatings are commonly used. These coatings are applied to the surface of aluminum-plastic panels and are the most common varieties on the market. Rich colors include metallic, plain, pearlescent, and fluorescent colors.

2. Oxidation

This aluminum-plastic panel has a special decorative effect, and is anodized aluminum alloy panel. It has a chic color such as rose red and bronze.

3. Film aluminum composite panel

According to the setting process, the color film is adhered to the primed aluminum plate or the degreased aluminum composite plate by the action of the adhesive, and mainly has a slat pattern, a wood grain board and the like.

4. Color printing

Using a computer to print different patterns through the photo-printing technology, the color inks are printed on the transfer paper to various natural patterns, and then various imitation natural patterns are reproduced on the aluminum-plastic panel by thermal transfer. Can greatly satisfy the designer's creativity and customer's personalized choice.

5. Brushed aluminum composite panel

Commonly, there are gold wire drawing and silver wire drawing, and the surface is brushed to give people a different visual enjoyment.

6. Mirror aluminum composite panel

The surface is like a mirror, and the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is polished.


Alusign aluminum composite panels with a variety of decorative effects can be widely used in advertising signs, interior wall decoration, ceilings, balconies, indoor compartments, building exterior walls, curtain walls, foyers, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, renovation of exterior walls of old buildings and alterations, counters, and interior and exterior walls of vehicles.

Alusign is a Chinese composite panel manufacturer and exporter of composite metal wall panels with 16 years of experience. We have a professional, strict manufacturing team and quality inspection team. The aluminum cladding panels sold by Alusign are strictly controlled, and the quality of the products is enough for customers to trust.


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