Advantages of ACP Panel Door


The most commonly used material in the production of door signboard is acm material, which is a new type of decorative material. Alusign aluminum composite panel manufacturer gives you a brief analysis of the advantages and installation process of the acm material door signboard!

The advantages of the aluminum composite panel door are as follows:

Uniform color: The application of aluminum composite panel and film technology allows the bond between the coating and the metal to be in good condition. The color is even, the color is rich, and the user has more choices to display their personalization.

Light weight and impact resistance: With the high toughness and high load resistance, aluminum composite panel doors can decrease the damage of sandstorms in desert area.

Smooth: Strictly control the dimensional accuracy, flatness and thickness of the aluminum composite panel door signboard. In addition, due to its high rigidity, it can maintain its flatness for a long time.

Rugged and durable: aluminum composite panel has small gloss deviation, strong adhesion, weather resistance, powder resistance, UV radiation resistance, and is easy to maintain.

Easy to maintain: The aluminum composite panel is self-cleaning and the dust is not easy to adhere. Use a neutral detergent to clean for a long time.

Easy to process: The aluminum composite panel is easy to process, as long as it can be cut with simple woodworking tools, cut, planed, curved arc, various shapes, such as right angle, easy to install.

Flame-retardant and non-toxic: The middle of the aluminum composite panel is a non-toxic polyethylene plastic core layer coated with a flame-retardant aluminum layer on both sides. It is a completely flame-retardant material.

There are two main installation processes for aluminum composite panel door production: aluminum composite panel dry hanging and substrate bottoming.

The dry hanging aluminum composite panel structure process saves the intermediate wood board, that is, the aluminum composite panel is directly fixed on the iron frame. The bottom plate has no support, so this method has higher requirements for acm materials.

Generally, a good aluminum composite panel cladding having a relatively thick aluminum foil is used, and a flat surface is achieved. Dry hanging is generally fixed in a relatively concealed place by rivets, and the front unprocessable surface is bonded with engineering structural glue to ensure the overall beauty and firmness.

The substrate primer method is to make wood boards as substrates and then glue them with wood glue. This manufacturing method is complicated, requires high requirements for the carpenter process, and is costly. The aluminum composite panels used are usually the cheapest. Since the wood board has poor weather resistance and is easily deformed by moisture, the aluminum composite panel on the surface naturally deforms and drums.

Opening the gap between the aluminum composite panel and the wood board is also one of the causes of the deformation and swelling of the surface of the aluminum composite panel. There are many factors, and this installation process is gradually being eliminated.

Alusign is a Chinese aluminum composite panel supplier and exporter of aluminum composite panel cladding with 16 years of experience. We have a professional, strict manufacturing team and quality inspection team. The acm materials sold by Alusign are strictly controlled, and the quality of the products is enough for customers to trust.

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