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welcome to Alusign, alusign established in 2004, as a famous one stop professional acp caldding suppliers, ALUSIGN has enjoyed great reputation over these 10 years, I really hope it is a good start for our cooperation till this moment.

So I will introduce our company in the following contents, then you will know more about ALUSIGN and about aluminum composite cladding in details:

With over ten years’ efforts, our company has gained great development with more than 150 experienced technicians. And our workshop has also brought in two advanced automatic aluminum composite panel production lines.Upholding the concept of “Quality is the Life core of an Enterprise”, we use high-quality materials from the USA and Sweden and apply advanced aluminum-plastic production technology from Japan to manufacture high-class ACP for interior and exterior finishes.

All kinds of ACP Cladding from China Suppliers

Metallic Aluminum Cladding

Glossy Aluminum Cladding

Sparkle Aluminum Cladding

Wooden Aluminum Cladding

Mirror Aluminum Cladding

Brushed Aluminum Cladding

Fireproof Aluminum Cladding

Nano Aluminum Cladding

Chameleon Aluminum Cladding

Application of ACP cladding from China Suppliers

Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel

Interior Decoration Usage

When selecting interior ACP aluminum cladding, be sure to carefully select the size specifications. Generally, the upper and lower aluminum panels generally have a thickness of 0.2 mm, minimum thickness of 0.1 mm or more, and a total thickness of 3 mm.

Exterior Decoration Usage

The external wall needs to face many complicated environmental impacts. Therefore, the exterior ACP cladding panel should select some aluminum composite panels with characteristics, such as oxidation resistance, wind resistance and fire resistance.

When making advertising boards, it is necessary to consider the attraction of people. In terms of color matching, it is biased towards bright and creative choices. Generally, the specifications of the exterior wall advertising decorative aluminum composite panel are as follows: the thickness of the upper and lower aluminum panels is not less than 0.2mm, the total thickness should be no less than 4mm.

Building Curtain Wall Usage:

The materials selected for the construction of the curtain wall are required to be of high specification and must be rust-proof and oxidation-proof, and are not easily deformed for a certain period of time. The upper and lower aluminum thicknesses are made of high-quality aluminum with a thickness greater than or equal to 0.4 mm, and the total thickness should be no less than 4 mm.

ACP Cladding curtain wall classification

In addition to the decorative effect, the aluminum composite panel in the ACP Cladding curtain wall also plays a number of functional functions, such as protecting the exterior structure of the building, sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance, wind resistance, etc. To achieve these functions, it should be Technically, from the aspect of curtain wall system technology, it is mainly divided into closed and open two curtain wall systems.

  1. The closed ACP cladding curtain wall is to seal the joints of the panel with rubber strips. The method of specifically closing the seam can be divided into wet sealing and dry sealing. Wet method and sealing with weather-resistant sealant; dry method and closed with extruded strip.
  2. The open ACP cladding curtain wall system means that the interior and exterior of the curtain wall are open and connected. In order to achieve the effect of the building on the curtain wall such as insulation, waterproof, sound insulation, etc., the inside is sealed, and it can also be called the back ventilation curtain wall.


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