What is Aluminum Corrugated Composite Plate


Aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate is also called aluminum corrugated composite board. It is made of AL3003H16-H18 aluminum alloy material. The thickness of the up one is 0.8~1.0mm, the bottom is 0.4~0.5mm, the core is 0.2mm, and its production is fully automated by using ERP System quality management. Cold pressing in the same line to form water corrugated type, the bonding surface of the thermosetting two-component structural resin adhesive and the panel back sheet is curved, which increases the bonding strength and has excellent adhesion of the metal sheet. To ensure that the bonding performance is stable and durable.

> Decorative
The aluminum corrugated composite plate combines the functions and aesthetics perfectly, solving the shortcomings of the aluminum single board and the aluminum sandwich panel, making the appearance more vivid and greatly improving the decorative appearance of the building.

> Excellent durability
The aluminum corrugated composite sheet has stable and durable bonding properties. Because of the tensile strength and compressive strength, the 180 degree peeling strength is higher than that of the honeycomb panel, so it has ultra-high surface flatness and easy processing, shortening the construction time so that to save cost, the light-weight reduction of the building’s disclosure load can extend the life of the building. It is rich in color, easy to clean and maintain, and has strong corrosion resistance, anti-fouling ability and durability. No harmful gas release, in line with environmental requirements.

> Economic
Light weight,economical, 6mm thick, specific gravity 4.3kg/m2. Since the heavy load of the face material is small, the structural support keel can be reduced and more economical. The largest specification of the board: large size of 1550mm (width) to 6000mm (longth), improve the utilization rate of materials, and rationally select various curtain walls to improve material utilization and reduce costs.

The aluminum corrugated composite plate has a weight per unit area of ​​5kg/m2, which shortens the construction time and is highly effective. The building’s longevity can be extended by reducing the building’s exposure load due to its light weight.

> Processability
Easy to process and install: can be cut, punched, bent, can be made into shaped flat plate or curved plate. The ribs and the reinforcing center can be connected by rivets, which is simple and firm and has architectural art.

> Environmental protection
Aluminum corrugated composite plate is easy to clean and maintain, non-toxic, no harmful gas release, in line with environmental protection requirements.

> Sound absorption
Noise reduction: Since the core plate is corrugated, it produces surface reflection on sound waves and eliminates acoustic coupling between the panel and the back plate, which can improve the sound insulation performance by more than 35dB.

> Insulation
The core of the aluminum corrugated composite plate is water corrugated, forming an air passage between the panel and the back plate, which is the best product for thermal insulation. Under the action of solar radiation, the air in the channel warms up and carries away heat, which has thermal insulation properties. In the cold area, the upper and lower ends of the corrugated channel are sealed. The hot spot rate is minimized due to the characteristics of the closed mechanical structure of the body. Under the sunlight, the stored heat energy reduces the loss of indoor heating heat and has thermal insulation performance.

> Fire resistance
Fire performance: Aluminum corrugated composite plate is made of aluminum alloy, with good fireproof performance and fire rating A2 non-combustible products.