What are the common quality problems with acm cladding panels?


Acm cladding panels is a new type of decorative and curtain wall material that has been rapidly excavated since the mid-1990s. However, due to the good market, a number of counterfeit products have appeared in recent years, causing many quality accidents and causing considerable losses for consumers.Here we do some rough analysis on the composition of acm cladding, simple processing and assembly methods and common quality problems.

What is the composition of acp panel?

Composition of aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel is a multi-layer composite materials

Cladding acm is made up of multi-layer materials. The upper and lower layers are aluminum alloy plate with a polyethylene (PE) core plate in the middle, and a protective film is attached to the front surface.

For outdoor use, the front side of the acm cladding is coated with a fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) coating, and for the interior, the front side may be coated with a polyethylene resin.

Acm cladding details

exterior wall cladding

Acm cladding panels are excellent materials that are easy to process and shape. It is as excellent as efficiency and time. It can shorten the construction period and reduce costs. The cladding acm can be cut, slotted, sawed, drilled, machined, or cold-bent, cold-folded, cold-rolled, riveted, screwed or glued.

The commen quality problems you need notice

Discoloration:Mainly due to improper selection of plates. The acm aluminum cladding are divided into indoor panels and outdoor panels. The surface coatings of the two panels are different, which determines the different occasions for which they are applicable.

The surface of the board used in the room is usually coated with a resin coating. This coating can not adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. If it is used outdoors, it will naturally accelerate its aging process and cause discoloration and discoloration.

The surface coating of the outdoor acm composite panel is generally coated with a polyfluorinated elastomer which is resistant to aging and ultraviolet rays, and the sheet is expensive. Some construction units deceive the owners and use the plates used for indoor use as anti-aging and anti-corrosion high-quality fluorocarbon plates to extract unreasonable profits, thus causing serious discoloration and discoloration of the aluminum plates used in the project.

Dibond print

Peeling off:The opening and peeling of the aluminum cladding is mainly due to improper selection of the binder. As an ideal binder for outdoor acm panels engineering, silicone rubber has unique advantages.Now, when buying aluminum compoaite panels, the seller will recommend the special quick-drying glue.

This kind of glue can be used indoors, and it can be used in the outdoor environment where the climate change is impermanent.

Deformation of the surface:This quality problem has occurred. We thought it was the quality of the board itself. Later, after concentrated analysis, we found that the main problem lies in the base sheet of the acm panels, and the quality of the aluminum composite board itself.

The ideal outdoor base material should be rust-proofed, and then the angle steel and square steel tube are formed into a skeleton. If conditions permit, it is more desirable to use aluminum profiles as the skeleton. The skeleton made of this kind of metal material is not much higher than the wooden keel and high-density board, which can ensure the quality of the project.

Through the analysis of some common quality problems encountered in the processing and assembly of acm cladding (composite aluminum panels), the solutions and methods for solving the problems are proposed.It will certainly enable the construction personnel to prevent and control the common quality problems of the acm cladding panels.