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Alucobond composite price is determined by many factors. It is mainly influenced by aluminum series, alucobond composite panels specifications, surface coating of alucobond panel, thickness of alucobond panel, aluminum thickness, alucobond core material and other factors.

Surface coating affects alucobond price

For example, the classification of surface coatings from Alucobond panels can be mainly divided into polyester aluminum composite panels and fluorocarbon aluminum composite panels. Because of its good weather resistance (fluorocarbon, also known as PVDF), fluorocarbon aluminum composite panels has more than 15 years guarantee without fading, and are mostly used for outside wall decoration; polyester aluminum composite panels (also known as PE) are mostly used inside wall. Since the fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel has good weather resistance, the price is relatively higher than that of the polyester aluminum composite panel. Of course, the greater the aluminum thickness and panel thickness, the higher the price.

Application affects alucobond price

1.Adversting alucobond price

alucobond panels price

Alucobond composite panel use for adversting board

This kind of alucobond panels are generally polyester coatings (PE). The color of the coatings will gradually fade after more than five years. Alucobond panels are also widely used for outdoor advertising board. So in order to save cost, the aluminum thickness don’t need too thick, but it can be used for five years without any problems.


2. Construction alucobond price

Aluminum composite panel uaually used for building curtain wall.This kind of aluminum composite panel is generally fluorocarbon coating (PVDF), it can protect the color from fading for fifteen years.Due to the cost of fluorocarbon coating is higher than polyester coating, so this kind of alucobond price is higher.

Alucobond panel price

Alucobond panel price is according to building application


3.Aluminum composite panel thickness and core material affects alucobond price

Alucobond composite panel consists of coating, aluminum skin thickness, polymer film, recycled plastic core. Aluminum skin and plastic core have a great impact on the price of alucobond composite panels. Buyers in non-pofessional generally do not pay attention to the aluminum skin thickness. Basically, they only look at the color and core material,neglecting the decisive factors affecting the price of aluminum composite panels.Actually, the greater panel thickness or aluminum thickness of the aluminum composite panel, the higher the price.

According to the national requirements for fireproof, more and more buildings are required use fireproof alucobond panels.The fireproof core materials are usually white, but some alucobond composite panel suppliers use white plastic core to fake fire-resistant aluminum composite panels, and does not have any fire protection features.Therefore, consumers are advised to be cautious when choosing a business and learn more about related products.

fireproof alucobond panel

the difference of fireproof aluminum composite panel