Application of aluminum composite sign board protective film


Aluminium composite panel is a new type of wall decoration panel, which has a wide range of uses in interior and exterior decoration and aluminum composite sign board, especially outdoor decoration.

The sign board aluminum composite panel we see on the market are all attached with a protective film. The protective film has the LOGO of each acm board manufacturer. But do you know what role the protective film does?

Protect the surface of aluminum composite panel

The best function of the protective film is to ensure the quality of the surface of the aluminum compoaite panel, and to apply a thin plastic film on the surface to protect the produced aluminum composite board in handling, inventory, transportation, processing, installation, etc. The series is not damaged during the process.

Requirements for aluminum composite sign board protective film

In order to truly protect the aluminum composite sign board, there are many requirements for the protective film, such as:

It is required to have a certain adhesive force, and can be well adhered to the surface of the aluminum-plastic plate. After the paste, it does not pollute or corrode the surface to be adhered, and does not cause the chemical reaction of the surface to be adhered.

It has good weather resistance, can be easily peeled off when uncovering, and does not leave residual glue. Sometimes it can be plasticized such as drilling, cutting, bending, etc. after bonding.

In order to raise the understanding of the role of the protective film, it must be emphasized here that the protective film and the packaging film cannot be confused. In fact, the protective film has a packaging effect, but it is different from the packaging film.

Difference between protective and packaging film

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The most fundamental difference between protective film and packaging film is that the protective film is not only attached after the product is finished, but also protects the product from damage during handling and transportation.

More importantly, it is often used in the production process to participate in the processing of the product (such as cutting, hemming, drilling, stamping, etc.).

For the aluminum-plastic composite panel, its role in the production process is as follows: firstly, before being used for slitting of the aluminum-plastic composite panel, the aluminum-plastic composite panel is protected from being lost when being cut.

Secondly, it is involved in the whole process of processing and installation of the products by the final customer (decoration, construction engineering company), so as to ensure that the product is free from smudging and damage.

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