Aluminum Composite Panel Surface Treatment: thermal transferred, film-coated and multi-color printed


(1) thermal transfer aluminum composite panel

Printing on the aluminum composite panel, transferring the pattern from the transfer paper to the surface of the aluminum plate with the background color by heating, and transferring the ink on the paper by photolithography and multicolor printing machine to form patterns and patterns, Save as a paper roll.

The thermal transfer aluminum composite panel can be directly printed on the aluminum composite panel, and the composite is heated by a continuous heat laminating machine to cool and shape the tear transfer paper.

Aluminum composite panel

The thermal transfer aluminum composite panel can also be carried out in the aluminum composite panel composite process, that is, in the thermal compounding, the transfer paper is also fed into the heating roller for compounding, and the temperature of the heating roller is controlled, preferably by heating with a heat medium, and the temperature is uniform.

(2) film-coated aluminum composite panel

The colored film is adhered to the primed aluminum plate or directly to the degreased aluminum plate according to the set process conditions by the action of the adhesive glue.

There are several types of colored film.

1 The transparent polyester PET film is used as the substrate, and the reverse side is color-printed to form a colored surface layer, which is attached to the aluminum plate coated with the polyester primer.

2 Using the bright polyester PET film as the substrate, the reverse printing is carried out by color printing to form a colored surface layer, coated with hot melt adhesive, and directly attached to the degreased aluminum plate.

3 The transparent polyester PET film is used for color printing on the reverse side to form a thick colored film. When used, the adhesive film should be coated on the degreased aluminum plate so that the PVC film can be firmly adhered to the surface of the aluminum plate.

External ArchitectureThe weather resistance of the colored aluminum composite panel produced by the film method is better than that of the thermal transfer method. If the PET film is treated with ultraviolet resistance, it can be used outdoors, and the service life can be more than 10 years.

The squash façade can be used for decoration of exterior walls of hotels, department stores, art galleries, airports, hospitals, halls and pillars.

Grenade inner wall panels are used for interior walls, partitions and ceilings of buildings, hotels, lobbies, residential buildings, schools, auditoriums, banquet halls, etc.

(3) Multi-color printing and coating aluminum composite panel

The pattern is formed on a paper or film by a die or the like. It is used as a protective material to cover the coated aluminum roll. The color fluorocarbon coating is coated by a precision roll coating machine, and the fluorocarbon coating is distributed on the aluminum surface roll according to the design shape, and is baked at a high temperature by a drying tunnel, cooled and shaped, and wound to form a colored pattern aluminum surface roll.

According to the composite process of aluminum composite board, the color pattern key-molded board is synthesized. Each time one flower color is added, it needs to be rewinded and re-rolled one time, and then it is baked at a high temperature. Therefore, the pattern or pattern color should not exceed 4 kinds. It is expensive and the manufacturing cost will be too high.

aluminum composite panel thickness