Aluminum Composite Board Purchase And Colors


I Aluminum Composite Board Purchase

1.According to the application, choose the appropriate specifications and quality products, including color, thickness (especially pay attention to the thickness of aluminum plate), coating type, core material quality and so on.

2.Check if the thickness reaches the nominal level. If necessary, measure it with a vernier caliper or a micrometer (recommended).

3.Check whether the shape of the plate is straight, whether the board surface has obvious pockmarks, bubbles, ripples, etc.

4.Ask the dealer about the quality of the core material. If possible, request a sample for the break test. A good aluminum composite panel is broken or difficult to break.

5.The same project as far as possible to buy the same production batch of products, the same color of different batches of products, there will generally be a certain color difference exists, unless the use of the color difference is not concerned, or predictive use.

6.Pay attention to whether there is any glue in the protective film. If the product is stored for too long or raw materials are involved in production, the protective film may be left behind.

7.Try to buy a reputable well-known manufacturers of products, so that the quality is more secure.

8.The adhesive for the bonding of aluminum-plastic composite boards should generally be made of neutral silicone structural sealant, and the glue used for joint filling should also be made of weather-resistant neutral silicone sealant. If you use other glue, it will open and fall off.

II Aluminum Composite Board Colors

Different brands will have different colors. There are more than 30 kinds of conventional colors of aluminum-plastic composite panels, such as champagne silver, milk white, ivory white, jade silver, ingot gold, Chinese red, blue, rat ash, black gold sand and so on. The most common ones are fluorescent color, metallic color, plain color and pearl color.

TIPS: The main reason for the color difference of the aluminum-plastic panel is that the same process control conditions are very difficult, and there must be certain color differences between different batches and even between batches.

Secondly, the difference in the supply of manufacturers has a very large impact on the control of color production. The same supplier also has the problem of the difference between different batches of raw materials. Finally, there are certain differences in the strength and shading of different coating equipment.

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